The Midgardian.com is the online edition of a bi-annual magazine focused on the mystique, history, and impact of Northern European art, culture and innovation.

Our contributors bring together the Romantic’s passion for lost worlds of the past with the modern scientist’s enthusiasm for innovations shaping the future. To achieve this synthesis, The Midgardian aims to create complimentary print and digital media as stylish and accessible to contemporary audiences as it is informative and engaging for scholars and aficionados.

The magazine features essays, profiles, and reviews by and for those who value the preservation of knowledge from the ancient past and see its continued resonance in our lives today. Our contributors are driven by more than mere antiquarian sentimentality, seeking to highlight the continuity of human endeavor from the Dark Ages to the present, exploring common themes in diverse fields ranging from art and literature to ecology and metaphysics.

Above all else, ours is a publication inspired by the Viking spirit of fierce independence and exploration, combining an unquenchable thirst for adventure with a love of deep, unbiased learning presented through media that is both elegant and informative.

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